Feng Shui Crystal

Crystal Vastu Shastra | Feng Shui Crystal

Maintaining the Vigorous & Optimistic Ambience

Crystals are often recommended for removing the negative and bad elements of life. Crystals imbibe the good energy flow inhome, office and other places.  The benefits of fengshui crystals vary according to the shape of crystals. Small and medium shaped crystals are hung for maintaining the vigorous and optimistic ambience all around. When crystals are hung on the bad areas, the bad is converted into good with the sharp edges of crystals that cut off their path.

Crystals hung on nightstands are good for developing love and affection in relationships. Crystals in kitchen determine good and sound health of family members. When hung beside the study table, these provide good chi in the life of kids and children.

Different colored crystals are helpful in different ways. Crystals hung at the front of the house unable the bad chi to enter the house. Those hanged in cars provide patience and clear mind while driving. Crystals weather hanging or not does it work in their essence. Hanging two crystals together in south east corner of the house also promote love, happiness and harmony in the house.

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