Cover Story of Vaastu Naresh
05 Jul

Dominating both the print an delectronic media in the field of Vaastu, Mr Naresh Singal in an exclusive talk traced the rise and importance of Vasstu and Feng Shui In India and China and its need in modern day with increasing space shortage. Having earned the sobriquet, ‘Vaastu Naresh’ and deservedly so, the famous Vaastu consultant, Mr Singal revealed his origin of interest in the Vedic science of Vaastu. Vaastu tips for kitchen, marital bliss, bedroom, etc were some of the vital aspects covered by him. Skilled as both Vaastu expert and Feng shui expert, Mr Singal distinguished between Vaastu and Feng shui, missed by many, and explained the differences in their need in contemporary times.

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