“Vaastoshpatey Pratijanihyasmaan swavesho anmivo bhava naha,

Yatvemahi prati tanho jushsav sham no bhav dwipadey sham chatushpadey”


  1. Course syllabus
  • Genesis of Vaastu
  • -Ancient texts as Vaastu source like Upanishads and Puranas.
  1. Understand the scientific base of Vaastu
  • -Theory of 5 universal elements- Water, Fire, Air, Earth & Space
  • -Magnetic Field
  • -Infrared rays
  • -Cosmic energy
  • -Gravitational Energy
  • -Ultraviolet Rays
  1. Need and role of Vaastu in our daily life.
  • Issues pertaining to one’s health
  • -Personal relations, family
  • -Remedies to ail mental tension & stress
  • -Illness and overcome depression
  • -Solution for marriage delays
  • -Problems in marriage
  • -Differences in partners. 
  1. Identification of precise direction and zoning of plots plus the suitable internal and external aspects of properties.
  • Residential Vaastu
  • -Main Entrance
  • -The Brahmasthan
  • -Basement
  • -Bathroom
  • -Bedroom
  • -Boring for Water
  • -Children’s Room
  • -Dining Room
  • -Drawing Room
  • -Electric Meter & Equipment
  • -Garage
  • -Guard Room
  • -Guest Room
  • -Kitchen
  • -Overhead Water Tank
  • -Servant Room
  • -Staircase
  • -Storeroom
  • -Study Room
  • -Toilet
  • -Veranda
  1. Assessing Vaastu’s differential role according to profession and personality type.
  • -Know how vaastu vary as per different profession
  • -How to merge one’s date of birth
  • -Changes should be done as per DOB
  • -Remedies should be done considering individual’s DOB
  1. Planetary role in Vaastu and Vaastu remedies for treating weak planets.
  • –Zones as per planet
  • -How to use individuals’ Dasha Mahadasha for giving benefits as per vaastu


  1. Treatments for various doshas like
  • -Stress points
  • -Ill zones
  • -Irregular shapes
  • -Torn corners
  • -Extended Corners
  • -T-points
  • -Mismatch in elements
  • -Wrong Colour schemes
  • -Dead Ends
  • -Wrong entrance
  • -Remedies through Mirrors


  1. Crucial points while plot’s analysis.
  • -Surroundings of Plot
  • -Soil of Plot
  • – Slope of Plot
  • -Digging in the plot


  1. Analysing reasons for-
  • -Financial stress, loan repayment defaults and increased litigation
  • -Strained relationships and causeless conflicts
  • -Roadblocks in career
  • -Reduced social standing
  • -Child conception problems or delayed marriage issues
  • -High vulnerability to diseases


  1. Decor and styling as per Feng Shui
  • Use of Colour Schemes
  • -Use of furniture
  • -How to use paintings as per remedies and designing as well
  • -Format of flooring


  1. Uses Of Feng Shui Products for giving strength to vasatu zones
  • Feng Shui Laughing Buddha
  • Feng Shui Mirror
  • -Feng Shui Candles
  • -Feng Shui Horse
  • -Feng Shui Butterfly
  • -Feng Shui Coins & Bells
  • -Feng Shui Energy Salt
  • -Feng Shui Crystal Rock
  • -Feng Shui Plants
  • -Feng Shui Wind Chimes


Industrial Vaastu

1.  Types of industrial plot and their impact.

  • Square
  • Circular
  • Hexagonal
  • Oval Shape
  • Triangular
  • Parallelogram
  • Star

2. Unsymmetrical / Irregular Shapes

  • Changing fundamentals in industrial Vaastu.
  • Identification and selection of plots for business complexes, Mills, airports, hospitals, temples, etc.
  • Differentiating between industrial and residential Vaastu.
  • Differentiating between customised and general Vaastu.
  • Treating sick industrial units, disputed land, etc.
  • How to ensure financial security in term of Loans and pending Payments.
  • How to take support from Government and Banking sectors.
  • Increasing profit and productivity with Vaastu.
  • How to maintain balance amongst employees and managers.

3. Material provided during the course–

  • Vaastu Naresh’s Professional Compass
  • Zoning Kit
  • Books by Vaastu Naresh
  • A hard copy of Vaastu FAQ related to all kind of property

4. Extra provisions-

  • Layout plans of industry.
  • One case study solving for enhanced understanding.
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