Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vaastu

It also control unnecessary hurdles which comes in every professional’s life

Many things based on our date of birth, because date of birth gives us a nature and with that nature we plan things and do efforts for full filling them, most of the time we found unable to make it in that way
with Customised Vaastu we just need to give a right shape to your vision and your planning and your efforts with the help of your date of birth and property where you are living and working.

Vaastu is not same for every profession, for instance CA, builder, advocate etc. everybody has their individual beneficial zones which leads them towards prosperity. Hence these zones need to be perfect as per Vaastu.

We can use one’s DOB for giving strength to their weak zones which will directly uplift the level and quality of energy around them. The staff as well as the Director himself would be able to savor the feeling of positive self drive and increased efficiency to work.

The scientific Vaastu principles can help you hundreds of problems that a person faces in the corporate field, for instance:

  • Disputes with business partner
  • Sudden dip in sales
  • Problems with product development
  • Litigation problems
  • Losing tenders
  • Land disputes
  • Disturbance in cash flow
  • Problem in marketing of products
  • Problem in global business
  • Errors in networking
  • Heavy debts
  • Stuck payments and many more.
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