nation to super power
08 Aug

With the election of  Venkaiah Naidu as Vice President, it is being said that the combination of trio, from the Sangh background, will lead the nation to super power. Trio here referred for the top notch leadership of India i.e. President Ram Kovind, Prime Minister Nerandra Modi and newly elected Vice President Venkaiah Naidu.

No doubt, that the leadership of Prime MinisterNarendraModi has re-established the dignity of nation at international level.  Numbers of the both I mean honorable President and Vice Presidents are predicting that sooner the India will achieve the status of super power.

The date of birth of Honorable president Ram Kovind is 1st October 1945. He is governed by the qualities of Jupiter. He has wisdom, knowledge and guiding spirit. While the honorable Vice President Venkaiah Naidu representing Number 4. 4 is the number of RAHU. It can be seen from his biography that after a long struggle, he has been able to reach at his current level.

His date of birth is 1st July, 1949. 1 number represent Sun. It again will bring the name and fame for him. The leadership quality of Sun will help the nation to step forward to become the super power.


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    Lien March 16, 2019 Reply

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