Feng Shui for Coins and bells
29 Jul

Coins and Bells with Mystic Knot

Prevent Negative Vibes & Welcome the Money

Chinese coins and bells usually brings good luck and wealth in one’s life. Coins are to be hung on the inside of the doors to welcome the money to follow into your house. Otherwise you can also keep three coins either in your wallet, purse or locker boxes. These bells also prevent negative vibes entering into your life and mystic knot works for making good married life.

A set of 3 coins determine the luck from heaven, earth and mankind.

A set of 6 coins represents only heaven luck.

A set of 9 coins determine totality of the universe.

Chinese bells also determine the luck and removal of negative energies from your life.

Tying of Chinese coins and bells with red thread is related with the good fortune and wealth to be welcomed in lives. A knot at both the ends is a sign for imbibing life with endless wealth and fortune and to defend harm and evil. Chinese coins and bells are to be hanged at different places according the means and problems of different persons.

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