Celestial Animals
29 Jul

Celestial Animals

Preserve All Around Prosperity

Celestial animals are believed to bring auspiciousness, and it is been in use for more than thousand years in China. The most common four celestial animals are white tiger, dragon, phoenix and tortoise. These are to be placed in the four directions of the house according to feng shui.

Tiger: As white tiger is meant for its grace and power, same is directed in the house. Keeping a picture or statue of white tiger in the west direction keeps the place away from evil and bad spirits.

Dragon: A green colored dragon should be kept in the east direction of the house. This will hail the prosperity and wealth in one’s life. The fire coming out of the mouth of the dragon purely symbolizes the dying of negativity and thriving of esteem and nobility.

Phoenix: This is a red colored bird and should be placed in the south direction of the house. Its small sculpture in the house will spread energy and activeness. The members of the house will become responsible towards their duties and responsibilities. This feng shui gadget is same as the ‘kalpvriksh’ in the Indian mythology.

Tortoise: Different types of tortoise represent its own importance in feng shui. A black tortoise drawn and painted on plywood signifies endurance and wealth in the house when placed in the north direction.

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