Vastu Tips For Ganesh Chaturthi
31 Jul

17th September of 2015 will see many families welcoming Lord Ganesh or our Vighnahartaa into our homes in the form of little clay idols. He is uniquely associated with both energies- spiritual that is eternal and the physical, that is materiality. Hence, Vaastu principles should be followed while welcoming him as the timing and proper ritual of doing so are equally important to ensure maximum prosperity and health.

  • The selection of right Ganesh idol is significant. For this, one should always go for an idol which has a left turning trunk as that is the direction where Goddess Gauri generally presides next to Ganesh.
  • After you bring him home, ensure that he is placed on a slightly higher and wooden platform with a rice bowl at his feet to signify fruition, prosperity and good luck. Like all idols at home, care should be taken that it is not broken.
  • Ganesh’s big head symbolizes soul and wisdom and hence should be easily visible. Locate it preferably in the ‘Ishan kon’ of the house, that is the north east direction but never in the southern direction.
  • The colour of illumination and intellect – yellow – should be used to drape the idol.
  • Vaastu guidelines are based on the harmony of energies. Hence the idol shouldn’t be placed next to a washroom or bathroom to avoid a clash of conflicting forces.

A combination of human and animal elements, he is the perfect balance and represents an interface between material and spiritual worlds especially as the muladhar chakra, the foundation of the energy body, the unity of the masculine and feminine energies is associated with him. Following these principles will ensure a healthier and more prosperous welcome to vighneshwara, the one who will bring both spiritual calm and material prosperity.

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