Feng Shui for Candles
29 Jul


Burn Away The Entire Jealousy and Doubt

Candles! Soft, subtle and yet bright! Light of the candle always becomes the reason of attraction. As it is a symbol of light in darkness, it also proves to be very helpful in decoration work at home as well as work places. It is also used in many rituals. There are old sayings which explain that as it is a good symbol of good luck and light in life any anyone, it becomes an important gadget for couples. It is also good for couples as it burns away the entire jealousy and doubt factor. With this gives a new and a happy start to their lives.

Candle is a good source of releasing tension and stress. Many people say that with the light of candles, burns negativity which floats in the environment. But it is very important to know that when and where to use this gadget. According to Feng Shui, it is good to light a candle 15 minutes before going to sleep. This will reduce the negative energy in your bedroom. In a bedroom candles should always be lighted in the southern direction in pair, preferably in purple color. It can also be kept in drawing room, but in a pot filled with water. This will radiate positive energy and also it will make your place beautiful.

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