Feng Shui for Butterfly
29 Jul


Transmits Happiness and Colours at Every Corner

Every individual or a middle class person always has a dream for a small family which lives happily with their parents, children and wife. The family should have a strong bond of love and affection for each other and not even a single ray of difficulties should fall upon them.

This dream can now be true with an amazing gadget Feng Shui Butterfly.

As we all know, that Butterfly is a symbol of happiness, love and also brings colors to life. Butterflies fly from one flower to another, in a similar manner this Feng Shui Butterfly transmits happiness at every corner of your house.

This gadget also helps the children to bring out their creative ideas which help them to get success in this fast paced life. It helps in making the couples bond of love stronger and ties an unbreakable thread of trust and respect.

These butterflies are so beautiful that when you decorate your home with these, they only add beauty to the house. They should always be pasted on the east side of the wall and always keep in mind that they should be in even numbers like 2, 4, 6 or 8 according to your choice.

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