Broom Sweep Out the Negative Vibes
29 Jul


Sweep Out the Negative Vibes

Keeping the broom in your house out of sight is a positive sign and attracts good ‘chi’, it should be placed so that no one sees it. It is also proposed that you should store it upside down. Brooms are considered to be very powerful element in Feng Shui. They represent both good and bad.

According to Feng Shui, good energy will be swept out if you leave your brooms out and cluttered. You should not keep a broom in the same room as a dying person, as the broom can “sweep” away life in Feng Shui. A New Broom regulates and enhances the optimal flow of chi through each and every corner of your home. A Feng Shui broom can bring good luck, increase your wealth and bring continuous happiness by removing bad happenings from house.

When you replace your old broom with new one don’t throw it in the garage, throw it away i.e. out of your house.  Never place the broom in open especially in your dining space because it will indicate mopping away of food and money. If you keep the broom in front of the main door outside your house, it will safeguard the house from evil, but you should do it in night only, in day you should keep it hidden only.

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