Vastu for Bear
29 Jul


Defend against crime & Good for Pregnant women

Bear is an important element in Feng Shui. This animal is as popular and powerful in Feng Shui as it is in real life and stories. Bear is a symbol of magical power which protects kids and pregnant women from natural calamities and bad spirits. Feng Shui bear is a symbol of peace. Keeping a crystal Feng Shui bear or any image of bear is in the house the members of the family can have safe. Usually continuously staying ill may reduce the resistance power. This can adversely affect small kids. But having a bear may help to maintain a good immunity system.

Feng Shui bear also acts as a protective barrier against evil spirits, crime and theft.  It protects against enemies and thieves. To obtain the best result from Feng Shui bear, keep it in the north-west direction of your living room. If you have small kids at your home and they are scared to touch any unknown objects and have bad dreams, this gadget is effective at this place as well. Keep this gadget in their bed room and it will take away the bad dreams. Many of the people also believe that if this gadget is kept in the room of pregnant women’s their child is healthy and brave.

Energy Salt

Absorb all The Filth from The Place

Energy Salt is from old times considered as a purifying agent. The salt in feng shui is also meant to purify the bad elements and remove negative energies from the house. It is often used as means of moping to cleanse the floors by adding it in water. If you properly use this energy salt in cleaning the NE zone, will also give clarity of mind.

Salt is used to remove all the impurities and negativity to wipe out from somebody’s life, used in house and offices to remove dirt. In the same way it helps in removing the bad chi from one’s life. It purifies the place by absorbing all the filth from the place.

The walls and webs can be easily cleaned while dusting or wiping the place. But there still lies some impurities which may not be visible to the eyes. This impurity implies the negativities that develop on meeting your friends, relatives and other acquaintances. This gives way to jealousy and hatred and affects your mind. These physiological problems are solved through space clearing. Salt is the best cure in feng shui to remove all the ill feelings for others and to have nil effect on you or others ill feelings towards you.

The best way is to put a container of full of salt water hidden in any corner of your room.

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