What is Bagua Map ?

Determine the Various Directions and Their Aspects

Bagua map is a tool of modern Feng Shui generally used to map your rooms and determine the various directions and their aspects in one’s life. Each direction of room or any location relate to different benefits that results in one’s life. These are categorized as marriage or relationship, fame, creativity in children, career related aspects, wealth, prosperity, family and health etc.

The Bagua Map is drawn according to the place like rooms, offices and other places according to one’s preference. Certain places or points in the room determine negative vibes entering your life or where good chi is lacking. Such spaces with the help of the map are determined and further are worked upon to rectify the problems and set them straight.

For instance if a particular Bagua map is drawn for the entire house plan and on analyzing it, if the places like washroom, kitchen and laundry show the aspects of wealth. This means that money in these areas will soon be drained out and disappear fast, as these places mainly point out the draining down of something.

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