Avoid these mistakes in Navratri
27 Sep

It has been seen most often that despite of all devotion and following all the principles while doing pooja one is unable to get the true satisfaction. The main reason behind this is the selection of the wrong direction for pooja.  If you use to worship in South or South-west unknowingly you disconnect yourself from the supreme power.  These are the directions of deceased.  

It is really unfortunate that modern man wants everything at his disposal. He installed the god in his home itself. Not only worship, even meditation has become like coaching center. To connect with your soul, it is not mandatory to make temple.  

Meditation or pooja is not merely restricted to perform few rituals before god. Due to lack of knowledge or laziness we arrange temples in home. One should avoid doing this. Yes, a worship place can be made in home. But it has its own limitations. A worship place in wrong zone can be the cause of financial crises, mental tension, quarrel between family members etc.

Do not put Ganesha idol in showcase.  Avoid red, orange curtain in worship room. Do not keep shoes or shoe rack in North-east.

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