What is Astrology

Thithyeshcha Shreeyampanothi Vaaraath Aayushavardhnam Nakshathraath Haarathepaapam

Knowledge of Tithi bestows wealth, knowledge of Vara increases longetivity and knowledge of Nakshatra erases sins.

Hence following Astrology principles can lift up your way of living by eliminating your sins and maximizing the Faal of good Karma.

Since ancient times, Astrology is one of the most popularly used and widely accepted systems of prediction and treatment of doshas. It is like a mirror which shows the past, present and future of a person. The general notion that people have is that astrology can only be used for predictions but less people know that it can also be used as way to get your troubles eliminated. We at Vaastu Naresh do that, we use Astrology as a mode to unravel your worries and provide you with easy, actionable and hassle free remedies as per your horoscope. With the guidance of proficient Astrologer Shri Naresh Singal you can easily reach up to the solution of your problems.

There are twelve houses in a horoscope that can depict various areas of your life and with the help of principles of astrology we can easily depict the area where the problem lays. We not only provide you with the details of problem areas but also assist you by providing the best possible remedy for your troubles. No matter the type of problem you are facing, no matter how big the problem is; if there lays a problem, there would definitely be a solution.

People face hardship in certain phase of life and problems appear like,

  • No fruitful result even after vigorous efforts
  • Certain body ailment and delay in recovering even after proper medication
  • Bad relations with family members
  • Great financial loss
  • Not being able to concentrate (for students)
  • Not being able to get a good job
  • Not getting better opportunities etc

Problems like these usually appear when planetary movements are not in the favor of a person or if the person has either one or more of

  • Kaalsarp dosha
  • Naadi dosha
  • Shrapit dosha
  • Pitra dosha
  • Kartik Janm dosha
  • Grah dosha

Remedies for all these problems and even hundreds of more are possible with the help of simple approaches and perform certain pujas.

Not only helping you overcome obstacles but also finding auspicious dates for your events is also one of a great way astrology can be used to do your Mangal. Our deep study of movement of celestial elements, earth and stars can help you get the best predictions for any major or minor event or ceremony. Practicing things as per astrological predictions not only ensures the success of that event but also can prevent problems in near or later future.

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