domestic violence
08 Mar

May be it can astonished you but it’s a fact that wrong Vaastu can be the cause for Domestic Violence. There are plenty of such cases we use to go through. Even highly educated woman are not the exceptions in this regard.
In our house there is a portion of 22.5 degree which represents our self-confidence. If this portion is affected with wrong Vaastu it will weaken our confidence. Thus we become the easy target for physical and mental violence for others. Not only among family members, we feel weaker and neglected before relatives and friends as well. This zone is situated between South and South-east. It represents fire element. Sometime, unknowingly we install electrical appliances like refrigerator, AC, Washing machine, geyser etc. in this zone and thus enhance the impact of the Vaastu defect. If a woman missing number 5 in her date of birth, she would be less confident. Such a woman even dares not to raise her voice against violence. If you are also the victim of domestic violence, you need to check the above zone in your house.

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