14 Apr

A word of thanks.

We would like to applaud and thank our subscribers as we achieve the milestone of 2lkh followers of our channel. We are not only happy but proud to reach out to 80 countries for consultation and we received love not only from India but globally in response. We owe this accomplishment to each of our team members who put in their hardwork but also to you all as this wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding response and love we get from you. This achievement of ours hadn’t been of any significance if we couldn’t contribute and share in your success. As a symbol of our appreciation and heartfelt thanks, we would like to share some of the insightful facts on Vastu, which we all can adopt in our daily lives:

  •  To have conducive conditions for the rightful flow of money in your life, we suggest using Blue colour in North direction, this includes the use North Wall of Your Drawing Room for purpose. In a scenario where you are fond of decorating your houses with antiques and painting, you possibly can use some canvas painting having smooth water waves in North Direction with a sailing ship, for example. It is suggested that you avoid red coloured curtains or any other object having red, pink, magenta, purple colour in North Direction.As a word of caution in order to prevent destruction and in order to gain benefits out of the North direction, which are Money and opportunities, avoid using excess of yellow colour in North direction, which may make you face hurdles in your career and your growth may also be slowed down
  • Always activate your North West & West direction by using a grey coloured Rug/carpet in the same direction. You can use White colour light and grey colour on walls as well as in decorative things like sofa covers, pillows, curtains etc. Decide the same as per the interiors of your residence and your choice.

The knowledge of vaastu is huge as an ocean and is not limited to these few points we’ve shared with you.
We look forward to carry forward this relationship beyond these 22 years and hope that we will be able to add more members to our vaastu naresh family and together we will pave our way to prosperity.

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