Long Ailment
03 Apr

Though Vaastu cannot decide your destiny but yes, it can definitely help you to get what is written in your destiny. Vaastu safeguard our health, wealth and wishes. Here are some Vaastu tips to get you rid of from long ailment. If you found medicine less effective to cure your ailment than you must try these vaastu tips:-

  • Patient should avoid keeping his feet towards door, window, toilet or stairs.
  • Patient’s feet must not be towards South.
  • Patient should never rest under Beam.
  • Patient should never stay in same room for long.
  • North-east and North-west must be airy and well ventilated.
  • Do not keep any heavy object before the main entrance.
  • A kitchen in North-east is also can be the cause for illness or long ailment.
  • Avoid renovation or demolition in the house if any member of the house is falling sick from a long time.
  • Kitchen must not be adjacent to toilet.
  • Patient’s room must not be messy.

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