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 ‘Sleep’ is considered as an accurate and exact state of rest in which our body meets comfort. But a little bit of   din nearby your bed-room or stress or depression can lead to ruining your sweet dream. The other invisible and unaquaintant reasons of spoiling your dream are meant for vastu to deal with.

For considering sleeping directions, one must go through the sleeping guidelines as per vastu. They are as below:
1. The ideal sites to locate your bed-room are south, southwest (Nairuthi) and west. These directions are considered as pious because they bring boom to the financial property, goodwill and stores good repo of your among all family members. 
2. The bed-room situated in the northeast (eshan) corner of the house invite health related complications.
3. The bed kept in the southeast corner facing towards east may breed sleeplessness, anxiety and eccentric nature in occupant’s trait. So, avoid this corner.
4. The bed in the northwest side is the root of sufferings such as instability, materialistic loss, over loading work’s stress.
5. For sound and comfortable nap, consider south direction to keep your head on the bed. It is a remedy for enjoying tension free sleep. 
6. Sleeping with your head in the east increments acknowledgement.
7. Terrifying nightmares and sickness may surround you if you are sleeping with your head in either west or north direction.
8. The west, south or southeast directions suit to place your cupboard in the bed-room.
9.  The excellent corner to put your bed in the bed-room is southwest.
10. Adorn your dressing table in the southeast or northwest corner of the room.
11. The floor under your bed must be constructed a bit higher than the rest flooring of the room, if it is to be placed in the southwest.
12. In summer, cooler must acquire its position towards the southeast or northwest direction. If it has to be placed in either north or east, there must be a gap between the wall and the cooler.
- Blue 
- Green
- Pink 
- Yellow
- Dark color (for bed)
- White (for pillows)


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