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Vastu for Flat

The complications related to the shed for dwelling have been increasing day by day due to population explosion especially in India because it is the second most populous nation in the world. So, the ideology of constructing multi storied apartment is seeming quite reliable source of accommodation. Vastu-shastra has some rules for building flats which are as follows:

•  The southwest direction should be considered suitable for flat construction but the site of the flat must be square or rectangular in shape.
•  The north, east or northeast directions are suitable for constructing entrance with two gates and one gate must be built in the east and another in the north direction.
•  The northeast, southwest and northwest blocks are considered to be the best location for flat.
•  The slope of the ground floor must be towards the northeast and the southwest flooring should be quite higher than the rest of the flooring.
•  The northeast corner should be consulted for the fitting of the bore well or the open well.
•  The east and the north corner of the flat should have the provision of leaving more open space as compare to the west and south corner.
•  The north, east or northeast directions should be utilized for building balcony in this zone.
•  The southeast or the northwest corner is preferably safe for establishing kitchen there as it is the Agneya kona according to vastu which is suitable for kitchen.
•  The southwest corner on the terrace is an ideal location for building a pent house there.
•  The staircase must be constructed in the south, west or the southwest instead of the north and the east direction.
•  The main entrance should be possibly located from the northeast to east or north, the southeast facing the south and in the northwest direction facing towards the west.
•  The garage or cellar should be constructed in the north or east corner of the flat that can be utilized for parking.
•  Lawn should be planned in the northeast direction of the flat.
•  Windows of the flat should be fitted in the eastern or northern corner of the rooms.
•  In the south direction there should have space provided for store room.
•  The study rooms should be situated in the north, northwest, north, west or east direction.
•  The northwest direction is best for locating drawing room or children room.
•  Master bed room should be provided its location in the southwest.
•  Bath room should be built in the west or south direction.
•  The flat location must not be chosen at the T-point of the road.
•  Check the soil before building it.
•  The flat at the dead end of the road may workout adversely for you so avoid it for constructing a flat there.
•  “Brahmasthan” is expected to be left unoccupied for performing religious rituals there.
•    Cluttering and direct beam can be turned out as awful. So avoid them.
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