Crystals represent energy of Earth element, one of the five elements other than Wood, Fire, Water and Metal. Earth element supports Partnership, Love and Romance. It also represents Mother energy or the female head of household. Placing a quartz crystal your house or office will enhance these areas in your life. This area will be in the far right corner, while standing at your front door, or door of any room.

Earth element also enhances Metal element:

When you stand at the door of your house or room the Metal element is found on the middle right of your space. Metal element also represents children, creativity and opportunities. To enhance this area place crystals in this area, as well.

Earth element controls Water element

If we place crystals placed near the doorway, the area represents water element, will slow down your career. As this area also represents the middle son, if we place a crystal here it shall help us to have control over a disobedient son.

What colour crystal we should select

It’s not only the shape or size of the crystal matters but also the color of crystals contributes to the effect of the cure. To improve romance in your life, use a rose quartz (pink) or amethyst (purple). To enhance creativity use clear or white quartz crystal.

Using Crystals in the form of a ball

A crystal ball is a multi-faceted sphere, cut from the regular crystal. A string is used to hang them. Crystal balls are used in the areas that need either to eliminate negative energy or to attract positive energy. For example, a crystal placed or hanged in the middle of a long narrow corridor or a hallway can deflect the rushing negative energy.

When the stairs directly end facing the main door, there is high flow of energy in such situation. We can place crystal at the bottom of stairs to slow down the rushing energy, before it enters the stairway.

A crystal placed in bedroom attracts positive energy and brings good health and enhances romance relationship.

What can Crystals do for you?

How would you feel if the challenges in your life are reduced? How would you react if the life becomes easy going? What would you think if the success starts to flow your way easily? What will you say if your life sufferings can possibly become the thing of the past?

All this is possible with the positive energy of the crystals. You will love to tap into the poser source of the crystal for all the possibilities in your life. The crystals are natural. You can use the power of crystals to achieve what you want even if you are not familiar with them.

Let us explore the areas of your life where crystals can be used to give positive and enhanced results.

You are a hard working person. Lines of tiredness and worry, start to show-up on your face. Yet you have not picked up the level of wealth that your hard work deserves. You wonder, why others are moving ahead of you.

Weight gain, loss of concentration, concentration power, memory loss, anger and frustration may be few challenges among the health that you start to face in life. You want to overcome these problems.

You are a dreamer, a planer. You execute your plans with perfection; still the desired results do not knock your doors. What should you do?

You life comes to stand still due to small incidences and the sweetness of life vanishes. You wander in the sweetness of the yesteryears and pray for the days to come back in your life. Your emotional state of mind wants peace and harmony in family and career.

You find it hard to attract the right person into you life. If married, are not able retain the charm of love between you and your partner. You are not able to sustain relationships. You envoy whenever you see a loving couple. You are happy for them, yet secretly your fear of loneliness never leaves you all these while.