Happiness is when you provide your services to others so that they achieve success. We at Vaastu Naresh take immense pride in announcing that over the years we have provided services all across the globe.

We also conduct various types of workshops in order to reach the natives and discuss a wide range of their doubts, problem areas, solutions and remedies for their problems. Also the remedies or solutions suggested by us are based on principles that are tried and tested over centuries.  In nutshell, we provide you a way to prosperity and help you achieve immensely positive results in every field… in every venture.

Our services include

   Customized Vaastu for

  • Residence
  • Business
  • Industry

With the help of customized Vaastu we provide you with numerous Vaastu remedies especially for you as per your DOB and as per your settings. We provide various layout plans and through visits we lend you a hand by rounding off the problem areas. With our simple, actionable and hassle free solutions you swiftly get desired results.

  • Fengshui

Using the power of five elements and their placements we ensure you with an increased positive aura around you and your surroundings. We make sure each and everything that surrounds you has a blissful effect on you and your loved ones. Not only we suggest you remedies but also we provide you with the best quality products to enhance encouraging vitality.

  • Pyramidology

Using this occult science of pyramid placement and diverting all its positive energies towards you and your venture, we provide you with simple but immensely effective remedies through pyramids to eliminate inauspicious energies in your ambience.

  • Astrology

By means of Astrology we aid you with remedies for your doshas. We provide you a wide range of solutions for every problem that you face due to hardship of planets, stars or Karmas. All your troubles get eliminated with the help of simple cures that we suggest.


  • DOB analysis

With the study of your date of birth we provide you with an over view of your major ups and downs with details of your financial, social and affinitive fronts. Also we endow you with remedies specially designed for you.