VaastuNaresh team presents a 3 month professional vaastu course based on customised vaastu by Vaastu Vid Naresh Singal. The comprehensive course is designed in a pattern to train and enable the participants to become independent consultants themselves by the end of the course. It encompasses all possible arenas of vaastu essential for a consultant’s practice — residential, industrial, commercial as well as religious.
Vaastu is an age old science which accords due importance to earth energies and the forces of 5 universal elements. Critically acclaimed by both critics and media, Naresh Singal has an experience of almost two decades in the field of Vaastu and has national and international seminars, workshops as well as widely read books to his credit. Mr. Singal has thus invested this treasure house of Vaastu knowledge in this course. It has been designed in a systematic, organised, expansive and inclusive pattern which will touch a large number of issues including some topics which cannot possibly be covered in a usual Vaastu talk or seminar.

By the end of the workshop, you will know

2 Days Customised Vaastu Workshop | Media Coverage by Aaj Tak, India News, A2Z news, Sahara News & TNI | 13th & 14th Aug at The Park Hotel, Delhi

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