Going to buy home
10 Apr

Are you planning to buy home? It is being said that on an average a man buy or construct home once in his lifetime. That’s the reason he takes this decision with all his wits. A wrong decision can put him helm of the problems. For a safer side it is advisable to involve a vaastu consultant while going to buy home.
Below are some useful guidelines for home buyers-
 In most of the cases, people approach a vaastu consultant after buying the land for house. This, in fact, a wrong step, we should hire a vaastu consultant before buying the land.
 Vaastu rules are based on Gravity force, Magnetic and cosmic field. A Vaastu Compliant house is also earthquake resistant.
 It is not a wise decision to select a property to buy by just finding its direction suitable. For which purpose you are going to buy that property and who is the buyer i.e. buyer’s date of birth and his nature of work should also keep in consideration while buying the property.
 Auspicious time and auspicious direction for the construction is also being predicted by a Vaastu consultant. The map of the house also does matter a lot. As I already mentioned, a wrongly constructed house can become the source of grievances for the inhabitants. That’s why map must be decided by a Vaastu consultant.
 Never say good bye to the vaastu consultant after designing map of the house, because he plays equally important role in deciding the interior of the house as well. This interior where most of the people commit mistakes. Knowingly-unknowingly they use such colors, show-pieces, furniture, shapes and designs, which are not vaastu friendly and give adverse effect.
 Which direction should paint with which colour, where the furniture should be kept, a Vaastu consultant can help us to determine all this.

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