Pahari Mandir.. 17.09.2015.. Life Ranchi..

The auspicious inaugural ceremony of Pahari Mandir, Ranchi will be accompanied by the honouring of its chief Vaastu advisor and guide, Vaastu vid Naresh Singal who ensured its Vaastu compliance as per rules and drew its similarity with Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal as well.

GL Bajaj Workshop News Hindustan- 26 Nov 2014

G L Bajaj Group of Institutions provided its platform to the exemplary Vaastu Consultant, Mr Naresh Singal who in an extensive interactive session and workshop explained the so called mystery of Vaastu. He lay focus on the basic premise of Vaastu, being that of balance between the five universal elements and their differential effects on distinct personalities. The discussion round proved beneficial as members took up their personal problems with Mr Singal.

Free Vaastu Workshop in Essel Tower

An interactive workshop on Vaastu was presided by shri Naresh Singal, renowned Vaastu expert, as the guest speaker. In accessible language he gave tips on Vaastu for career decisions, Vaastu for respect at workplace and how to avoid debt and business losses. He emphasised on the role of Vaastu in family peace and conjugal bliss.

Denik Bhaskar 20.05.2015 pahari mandir door

Experienced ‘vaastunaresh’, as Mr. Naresh Singal is famously called, overlooked the Vaastu of Pahari Mandir renovation, Ranchi. Said to be perfectly Vaastu compliant, he remarked, the temple is based on mahamrityunjaya mantra, has auspicious soil texture and is resistant to earthquakes. Extensively read in Vaastu,   Mr. Singal remarked on its similarity of west entrance with Pashupatinath temple of Nepal and Deoghar’s Baidyanath Dham as well.

Denik Bhaskar 20.05.2015 (Ranchi) No Prosperity in House when Mandir (Temple) is there

In an exclusive conversation with the primary newspaper of Jharkhand, DainikBhaskar, Indian expert on Vaastu science, shri Naresh Singal astutely noted the difference between a worship place and a temple and its negative effects in the house as per Vaastu. Vaastu for worship rituals, Vaastu in personal cars, Vaastu for childless couples, Vaastu to avoid cancer and other tips on apt use of Tilak, conch shell, accident prone person, etc. were some of the vital topics covered skilfully by the expert consultant.


denik Bhaskar (jharkhand) 19.05.2015 Pahadi Mandir

Vaastu expert Naresh Singal was quoted in the prime Jharkhand daily, DainikBhaskar, for the obstacle free construction and inevitable success of the work undergoing in PahariMandir, Ranchi. Mr Singal was the prime consultant of the temple complex and gave a green signal to the project after examining the surroundings of the area.

dainik bhaskar.. 16.09.2015.. Ranchi

Vaastu expert of international acclaim, Mr Naresh Singal gets duly honoured at prestigious PahariMandir’sinaugural ceremony of renovation by Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das. The accolade was earned by Mr Singal, famous Vaastu consultant, for his expert consultancy about the construction of the entire temple complex.

Cover Story of Vaastu Naresh

Dominating both the print an delectronic media in the field of Vaastu, Mr Naresh Singal in an exclusive talk traced the rise and importance of Vasstu and Feng Shui In India nad China and its need in modern day with increasing space shortage. Having earned the sobriquet, ‘Vaastu Naresh’ and deservedly so, the famous Vaastu consultant, Mr Singal revealed his origin of interest in the Vedic science of Vaastu. Vaastu tips for kitchen, marital bliss, bedroom, etc were some of the vital aspects covered by him. Skilled as both Vaastu expert and Feng shui expert, Mr Singal distinguished between Vaastu and Feng shui, missed by many, and explained the differences in their need in contemporary times.