Hindustan Estates (Hindi) 07.11.2014 (Apply vaastu according to your business)

Generally people complain about not getting successful results even after following Vaastu principles for offices. Basically there are two things that one needs to keep in mind while considering Vaastu for office or Vaastu for better results at office.

  • The direction of office should be as per the type of business and the DOB of the person.

Appropriate directions for the type of business you run, assure you prosperity and moderate the flow of opportunities also your DOB helps in deducting best Vaastu suggestions for office or business that are specially designed for you. One also needs to focus on the zones where the boss or the employees are sitting.

  • Keep in mind that Vaastu is not same for everyone

The article includes Vaastu tips for business which not only breaks your pre conceived notions about Vaastu but also tells you how Vaastu differs from person to person. When we all have different businesses, different date of births, different names and nothing is usually similar among us then how can Vaastu be the same for everyone?

With the guidelines of world renowned Vaastu consultant Shri  Naresh Singal you can easily get instant, effective and actionable remedies of Vaastu for business or office which will help you get instant success in every venture.

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