Mode of Teaching

The course takes into account all the pre requisites of knowledge for a professional consultant to begin. It is aimed to make you an independent consultant by the end of three months. For this, a very careful pattern of course is designed. Accordingly, the course will include site visits, say, for example to an industrial plant, to help the participants get a first-hand experience. Further, they will also be made to consult layouts to get a better grasp of the practical issues facing a Vaastu consultant.
The course takes into account the significance of practical and effective Vaastu techniques which will be kept in mind during the training itself. This means that in a world of decreasing space and increasing hassle, we will train the participants in Vaastu remedies which avoid any sort of reconstruction or demolition or keep it to the minimum. These principles are extremely useful in consultancy and are sought after as they ease the problems of clients.
1. Our course emphasizes customised Vaastu which takes into account the date of birth of the person. It also takes into account the job profile and the nature of profession while addressing the problems of a person. This is based on the principle that Vaastu principles can’t be applied indiscriminately in a same way to everybody as everyone has specific needs. For example, a zone considered to have adverse effects on people might be less negative for a specific person due to the presence of certain elements in his date of birth. in his case then, minimal or no Vaastu remedies are required. On the other hand, even a beneficial zone can turn negative for someone because of certain element or a lack of it int his date of birth. Thus, the date of birth provides vital information. This is the nuanced approach we intend to teach our participants at the full-fledged course which will help them identify the problems better, analyze them better and suggest more targeted, efficient and result oriented remedies. It will train them to achieve beneficial results for themselves and their clients. The course will thus transform the participants into independent, self — sufficient consultants with a sound base of knowledge in  religious, commercial, industrial and residential Vaastu.

The scope of the syllabus of course

The scope of the syllabus of course is large and especially advantageous for builders, architects, astrologers, interior designers, real estate developers and Vaastu professionals themselves.
The course is a beneficial one stop; know-it-all opportunity which would cover Vaastu compliance and issues with respect to plots, buildings, malls, showrooms, flats, airports, amusement parks, hospitals, industrial plants, mills, factories in addition to addressing everyday issues of house, bank, loans, unnecessary litigation, delayed marriages, marital harmony, health and child related problems
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Vaastu Needs To Be as Per Your Date of Birth

Generally people complain about not getting successful results even after following Vaastu principles for offices. Basically there are two things that one needs to keep in mind while considering Vaastu for office or Vaastu for better results at office.

  • The direction of office should be as per the type of business and the DOB of the person.

Appropriate directions for the type of business you run, assure you prosperity and moderate the flow of opportunities also your DOB helps in deducting best Vaastu suggestions for office or business that are specially designed for you. One also needs to focus on the zones where the boss or the employees are sitting.

  • Keep in mind that Vaastu is not same for everyone

The article includes Vaastu tips for business which not only breaks your pre conceived notions about Vaastu but also tells you how Vaastu differs from person to person. When we all have different businesses, different date of births, different names and nothing is usually similar among us then how can Vaastu be the same for everyone?

With the guidelines of world renowned Vaastu consultant Shri  Naresh Singal you can easily get instant, effective and actionable remedies of Vaastu for business or office which will help you get instant success in every venture.

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Generally parents are always worried about the direction to which their child’s life is going. They try really hard to provide their children with the best opportunities to grow but sometimes even after doing so much efforts children lack somewhere, usually it happens due to inappropriate environment for the child to study or have an overall development and this can be a result of inappropriate Vaastu.

People usually don’t bother much about Vaastu for children’s room and ignore the serious damage it can cause to the child’s concentration or ability to perform. The placement of certain objects like

  • Equipments of entertainment/ toys/ games
  • Study table
  • Windows
  • Color of curtains etc.

Affects the child’s behavior drastically and can cause intense problems in children like:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Sudden behavioral change
  • Short temperedness
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lowering academic results and dozens of more.

When remedies of Vaastu for house are taken in account the direction of children’s room should be considered seriously as it will decide in which direction the life of your child will flow.

Not only the placement but also the décor’ of your children’s room affects the mental state of your child and alters his interest areas. Certain color scheme when synced with Vaastu for children’s study room or living area, it can do wonders in no time.

So, start thinking about what your children’s room is doing for your child.