The grand rath yatra of lord Jaganath when descends on the dvitiya of ashad shukl till ekadashi is believed to be one of the most splendid events. Even it is said that various god and goddess come to the earth to see its beauty and magnificence.

One of the great chardhams is lord Jaganath’s temple. On this land of incredible India temple of lord Badrinath is situated in north, lord Rameshwaram in south, Dwarka in west and lord Jaganath is in the east. You might be familiar with the importance of this magnificent and huge gathering, but it has a few more aspects which might not be known to you.

Infamous Vaastu expert Shri Naresh Singal is bringing light to the scientific and Vaastu linked facts that are usually unidentified by people.

If said in nutshell, this yatra bestows man with rectitude, prosperity and salvation and this is shown by the colors, beauty and eminence of the rath of lord Jaganath, goddess Subadhra and lord Balram.

The rath of lord Jaganath is 45 ft. tall and the statue is colored with black paint also the rath of lord Balram and goddess Subadhra that are 44 ft. and 43 ft. respectively have statues of color white and yellow.

The colors of these idols denote power, ability and knowledge which grant rectitude, wealth, work and salvation. The height of these rath being 45 ft., 44 ft., and 43 ft., actually signifies numbers that are

  • nine planets i.e. the sum of 4 and 5
  • eight directions i.e. the sum of 4 and 4
  • seven days of the week i.e. the sum of 4 and 3


It also illustrates the presence of lord Jaganath in all the directions, planets and in every fraction of time. Not only this but also the black color of the lord’s statue and the white color of the horses by which it is driven denotes that in this world we can always control power with the help of enlightenment or knowledge. However, the power here not only symbolizes physical strength but also it depicts intellectual competency.

Whereas the black colored horses of the white statue of lord Balram elaborates that mere knowledge and no prod over it can make one outrageous and insufferable. The yellow colored statue of goddess Subadhra explains the need and importance of a guru. The color yellow also signifies compassion which means that to acquire power and wisdom the compassion of a guru is vital.

It is well known that the idol of lord Jaganath is made of wood of neem tree, rath with fassi and dhosa. The manufacturing of all these rath and idols start almost two months prior the yatra.

Important fact is this that since 12th century the descendants of a single family pull these rath, which are pulled out of singhdwar and first taken to masima temple and then to gudicha temple after a yatra of almost 2 km.

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